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+61 403 319 882
PO Box 2184 WARWICK WA 6024

Food Safety Training

‘Change is the end result of learning’

Good quality and safe food are critical to the success of a food business. To achieve this, all food handling staff must have the correct skills and knowledge to handle food safely.

The Australia New Zealand Food Safety Standards requires food business to ensure their staff have adequate skills and knowledge in food safety, hygiene principals and food handling practices.

‘We have the knowledge you need’

At Food Safety Co we can design and deliver customised in-house training to meet the specific food safety needs of your business. 

This training will assist in developing the confidence, knowledge, and understanding required by your staff to safely prepare food, decrease the risk of foodborne illness and increase kitchen efficiency.

Food Safety Co can discuss your training goals and review your staff’s needs to ensure all desired food safety training content is included in the training sessions provided.

Unlike basic online training, Food Safety Co can provide face-to-face practical training at your business that is relevant and engaging for your staff. 

This type of interactive learning assists participants to recall information more readily, and put these skills into practice in your food business. 

Training sessions modules include:

-Food Receival
-Food Storage
-Food Preparation
-Cleaning & Sanitising
-Temperature Control
-Calibration of Thermometers
-Completing Food Safety Plan Records