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Food Safety Audits

Regulatory Food Safety Audits

Standard 3.3.1 of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code requires Food Businesses that provide food to vulnerable people, such as hospitals, aged care facilities, childcare centres and organisations that prepare meals for vulnerable people, to have an approved Food Safety Program.

These programs are required to be assessed through a Regulatory Food Safety Audit, completed by a third-party Food Safety Auditor, at least annually.

Regulatory Food Safety Audits are conducted onsite at the Food Business to verify compliance with the business’s Food Safety Program and to ensure correct procedures are followed, Food Safety Standards are met, and food remains safe to eat.


Auditing Done Differently!

At Food Safety Co we believe that Food Safety Audits should be regarded as an important and useful business tool, not something that should a burden or feared. 

When you book with Food Safety Co you will receive professional and friendly service to assist with booking and preparing for your audit. The Food Safety Audit will be conducted in a collaborative manner with open communication during every step of the assessment process. 

A detailed and easy to follow report with useful photos will be provided on completion of the audit.

Food Safety Co’s extensive knowledge and experience in auditing Food Businesses will clearly identify non-compliances and provide practical recommendations to address areas of improvement that will assist in keeping your business food safe and compliant.

When you book a Regulatory Food Safety Audit with Food Safety Co you will be provided with a FREE Pre-Audit Checklist. This checklist has been designed to assist with gathering all the necessary records and information needed for the audit, making the process quicker and less of a burden for your staff and business.

Internal Food Safety Audits

As well as Regulatory Food Safety Audits, Food Safety Co can also assist in conducting comprehensive Internal Food Safety Audits for your food business. 

Internal audits are a valuable part of the compliance process. Whether your business is short on time, resources, or knowledge, a detailed assessment of your Food Safety Program can sometimes be difficult to complete in-house.

At Food Safety Co we have the skills and experience to conduct a comprehensive Internal Food Safety Audit of your Food Safety Program to identify any outstanding issues or non-compliances. We spend more time observing your processes, and then discussing best practice options that have proven successful at other similar types of food business.

A thorough Internal Food Safety Audit will assist your business to meet regulatory food safety requirements, prepare for Regulatory Food Safety Audits and enable your business to operate at a high performance standard of food safety.

A thorough Internal Food Safety Audit by Food Safety Co will also give your business the best possible chance of being prepared in the event of a surprise inspection by Local Government Health Officers.

On completion of the audit Food Safety Co provides you with a detailed Audit Report that is easy to read and understand. It includes photographic evidence to help you visualise issues for training purposes, budget planning or maintenance reporting.

Audit Process

Food Safety Co’s food safety audits, both Regulatory Audits and Internal Audits, are comprehensive and encompass all aspects of your Food Safety Program, as specified under the Food Safety Standards. The audit includes an assessment of food handling practices, food processing and all relevant records maintained by your business. The onsite audit process usually takes 3-6 hours, depending on the size and scope of your food business activities.
Audits can be scheduled for a date/time that is convenient for your business, allowing management and staff time to prepare and be available to assist with the audit, if needed. 
To conduct the food safety audit, Food Safety Co’s authorised Food Safety Auditor, Erina Male, will visit your food business and review the following aspects of your food safety system:
• Review Food Safety Program 
• Observe food handling practices – preparation to service 
• Review Monitoring Records (Receivals, Storage, Cooking/Reheating, Cooling and Service Records)
• Cleaning and sanitising procedures and records 
• Waste management controls
• Use of thermometers and calibration
• Pest control
• Building maintenance   
• Hand washing facilities
• Personnel hygiene practices 
• Staff training records
At the completion of the audit, a closing meeting is held to review the findings of the audit and discuss corrective actions that may be needed to rectify any non-compliances identified.
Food Safety Co will complete the Audit Report and provide this to your business within 48 hours following the audit. Regulatory reports are forwarded to your Local Government within the required 21 day period. 

Auditing Frequency

A food business’s first Regulatory Food Safety Audit is required to be completed within 3-6 months of their Food Safety Program being verified (by their Local Government Health Officers).

The second Regulatory Food Safety Audit is required to be completed within 6 months of the first.

The outcomes of these first two audits are reviewed by an authorised Food Auditor to determine the frequency of subsequent audits. The audit frequency may be set at 3, 6 or 12 monthly, dependant of the on the compliance rating of preceding audits.

For example, where a food business consistently achieves a high-performance audit rating, audits may be conducted annually. However, if a food business performs poorly, or consistently does not meet the requirements of their Food Safety Program, audits may be required to be completed more frequently.

At Food Safety Co we can ensure that food safety audits are completed for your business at the required frequency, and within required timeframes. Audits can be pre-booked in advance and at a time that is convenient for your business. For more information about booking an audit contact Food Safety Co.